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Innovative Elite Profiles System WINBAU PREMIUM

2007 new power efficient 5-chambered system was put into production by Affiliate undertaking “INTERGLAST” 

Company’s basic principle during new system development is based not only on traditional requirement to such type of system in improved properties of profiles thermal and acoustic insulation, ability of weather impact resistance, but also on requirement in comfortable designing windows of different shapes, which would allow meeting all customer’s requirements. 

This approach implementation provides new 5-chambered system Winbau® with all necessary properties and advantages.

WINBAU PREMIUM system description

  • profile assembly depth – 70 mm
  • outside walls width – 2.8 mm
  • Three-circuit seal of shutter ledge with possibility of choosing its mounting (the system is created in so that there is no necessity in profiles axial work in “blind” parts)
  • fashioned bead in assortment
  • beads versatility in systems OPTIMUM and PREMIUM (possibility of using the same bead in both systems)
  • using universal reinforcing in OPTIMUM and PREMIUM systems
  • using universal basic (support) profile
  • exclusive whiteness and glassy gloss

New elite system meets requirements of difficult environments and client’s desire to get the product with best operating characteristic.

5-chambered construction and profile assembly depth of 70 mm have higher heat transfer coefficient of resistance. Excellent profile system heat engineering properties, in turn, increase window heat transfer resistance in general, and allow effectively applying WINBAU PREMIUM profile constructions in houses with low energy saving, dusty locations and in Extreme North of Russia environment.

The system consists of the following types of profile: frame, shutter, impost, beads, plank, bay window adapter and special adjustable seal profile. Frame, shutter and impost have five air chambers and reinforcing circuit protects from low outside temperatures, three insulating air chambers fully block metal cold bridge.

Project includes the possibility of using reinforcement and seal used in OPTIMUM line. New system is also compatible with additional profiles of standard system.

So the least number of profiles required for producing all variety of windows types. Versatility of components makes price for system of higher category more reasonable.

Rabbet geometry is identical to profiles cut of Optimum line, where the spots for gathering water and condensate are provided for the purpose of further removing through leakage channels.

The variety of beads makes it possible to vary thickness of double-glass pane (32.36 and 40 mm). Such a wide glazing range allows designer to select thermal properties of the window and price, most suitable for customer’s requirements.

WINBAU PREMIUM also keeps standard hardware “euroslot” for 13th system, which allows using hardware from all leading manufacturers. Winbau® Company prefers hardware Roto NT, which has built-in function of microventilation, combined with microlift blocker of accidental opening, protection from braking open, stable rust-resistant surface, shutter opening catch. These hardware properties combined with high static strength of outside profile walls and 5 air chambers give an opportunity to withstand high static loads on translucent constructions.

WINBAU PREMIUM system by analogy with WINBAU OPTIMUM system has wide range of implementing possibilities – various constructions can be created with minimal usage of PVC-profiles types – different types of windows, doors, balcony passways, stained-glass windows, room dividers, balconies and lodges glazing constructions.

Besides all advantages of elite profiles, profiles system WINBAU PREMIUM is notable for constructive novelty – central circuit seal ledge is obtained at the expense of the seal itself, which gives the opportunity of modifying the construction easily and without restrictions by choosing two-circuit or three-circuit seal. 

It is known that three-circuit seal is implemented in the profiles system for improving thermo- and acoustic insulation. In these profiles system the shutter adjusts to the frame in three spots, and due to this feature:

  • warmth and acoustic insulation increases as the inside adjustment of the shutter to the frame divides air chamber in half.
  • leakproofness and operating life are increased: the third circuit divides a zone of shutter and frame junction into two air chambers. Hhardware due to such design philosophy is in “warm’ chamber and the middle seal protects it from dust and condensate, increasing its operating life. Windows of WINBAU PREMIUM profile are installed at the sea coast, where the third circuit is rather important, because it protects from aggressive environment.

But regardless all advantages of the three-circuit seal, its implementation has some difficulties: in blind parts the third circuit in analogical systems should be cut off for double-glass pane to “sit” low in the frame. Winbau® Company found out and offered the market efficient solution for this problem: in system developing was used approach of placing central circuit seal that is used in aluminum systems: the ledge is achieved at the expense of the geometry of the seal itself, profile cross-section requires only slots for seal placement, as a result there is no necessity for profile axial work while making “blind spots”. 

Such type of construction reduces difficulties during the window designing and allows offering customer flexible price, using two- or three-circuit variant solely by customer’s request. 

So, elegant, snow-white profile system WINBAU PREMIUM impresses by its appearance and is a gadget at the windows market. Innovative solutions found by Winbau® Company experts and implemented in WINBAU PREMIUM system are relied on long experience of manufacturing, mounting and maintenance of windows and allow considerably optimizing manufacturing of translucent constructions and increasing their performance figures.