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PVC profile. WINBAU Trademark.

What is PVC?
The difference between PVC windows
Durability of PVC window structures
PVC windows. Their structural elements
PVC windows fire resistance
PVC color
Double glazing structure
Types of double glazing
Special glasses
PVC window profile material choice



PVC What is this?

PVC (Polivinichlorid) is thermoplastic artificial material derivable from nature material: sodium chloride (56%) and petroleum (44%). PVC powder is obtained during production. The production material is obtained with the help of PVC powder, stabilizer, modifier and other accessory parts.
PVC advantages.

PVC has a wide range of advantages. It does not maintain flaming, frost-resisting and moisture-resisting. PVC used for windows production is absolutely harmless for human beings. This is confirmed by Ukrainian and international hygienic standards


PVC windows difference 

in spite of the fact that during production of all widows the same polymer is used (PVC) plastic windows have differences. These are both design philosophy and difference in initial material property. The thing is that each company PVC profile producer uses its own receipt of many PVC additives. This receipt is ownership of the company and its commercial secret.


PVC window structure strength

For construction rigidity increase reinforcing intensive bush is installed inside of the profile. It can gave different form: U-type and rectangular cross-section type. Such reinforcing bushes are produced from galvanized steel.


PVC windows. Their structural elements

Sash pulley consists of double glazing, frame, fold, transom, glazing fillet, compressor and accessories.
Double glazing unit is a part of the window, consisting from one, two, three or more glasses that are divided by air or gas spaces and pressure-tight joined along outline by special spacer.

Frame is fixed structure part built in the window opening. 
Fold is the part of the window, which joined with frame and can be opened and closed. 
Transom-bar is vertical post or horizontal cross bar; where the edges of the folds are leaned.
Glazing fillet is decorative frame for glazing unit fastening is the frame.

Compressors are special compressors which protect space between frame and fold. They are applied on the unit edge from both sides. 
All inside PVC window profile space is filled by cross bulkheads which service as webbing. These bulkheads form inside of the profile lots of compartments filled with air. Exactly these very air-chambers determine the profile insulation properties – the more chambers the “warmer” is the profile. Quantity, sizes and arrangement of air-chambers are not coincidental. Each chamber has its functional significance. One is important for profile rigidity increase, other for water outflow, the third for accessories fastening.


PVC windows fire resistance.

PVC material thanks to its special components is inflammable and incombustible. Flame propagation index for PVC windows is null. This means that PVC does not sustain combustion and incase of fire emergency such window will prevent fire spreading.


PVC color

For today there is a wide range of colors from monochromatic till nature tree d?cor. However, many clients prefer standard white color of window structures. 
The most durable and reliable method of profile coloring is co extrusion method, which allow obtaining acryl covering on the profile right side in different colors tones (from inner face profiles have white color) Such layer is resistant to mechanical damages and atmospheric forcing. For PVC profiles decorative finish, e.g. graining lamination method by firm film is used PVC profiles can be colored in different types with the help of sputtering. For sputtering two-component acryl lacquers are used.


Double glazing structure

Double glazing consists of two, three or more glasses divided by air or gas spaces and pressure-tight joined along outline by special spacer. This ensures perfect noise and heat insulation properties of the modern windows. Spacer, which divides glass is produced from aluminum profile. Inside special substance is poured in - molecular sieve which absorb moisture from space between glasses. This prevents glasses from breath inside of the double-glazing unit. Whole unit from pane ends is filled up with special mastic. That prevents double glazing from moisture. Double glazing units of high quality are produced by the method of double capsulation. For double glazing units production all types of glass are appropriate.


Types of double glazing

Double glazing can have one or two air chambers. By special order three air-chambers units are produced. Chamber is the space between glasses, filled with air or special gas. One chamber unit consists of two glasses with air space between them; two chamber unit includes three glasses. Glazing units have different width. The most popular formula of double glazing unit with width 24mm: 4-6-4-6-4. This means that in this situation 3 glasses with 4mm thickness are joined and divided by chambers 6 mm each. Power efficient properties of the double glazing unit depends on glasses quantity, type and distance between them. That is why choice of double glazing unit fully depends on demands you make. It is necessary to note that double glazing unit structure choice can be restricted to profile system peculiarities. Power efficient and noise insulation properties of the double glazing unit can be improved by special types of glass implementation.


Special glasses

In double glazing units according to client’s wish special types of glass can be used. They are: Triplex, low-emissive glass, tempered glass.
Triplex is glass, consisting of several layers of glasses, laminated with special film. While glass damaging, film remains intact and prevents forcible entry.
Low-emissive glass (k-glass, s-glass) is heat-saving glass with special covering which admit sun short-wave radiation, but prevents losses of long-wave radiation, e.g. from heaters. Tempered glass is a special glass which obtains with the help of thermal and chemical treatment higher impact resistance and temperature difference in comparison with usual glass. Such glass falls into small, safe, pieces without sharp, cutting edges.


PVC window profile material choice 

Modern PVC profile window can be produced from different material. Those can be PVC, wood, aluminum. First of all it is necessary to choose material from which the window will be produced. For this it is necessary to determine optimal noise and heat insulation parameters. This depends on your windows. Which street do they face? It can be noisy road or still street. According to this the type and size of window profile (narrow, middle, wide) and appropriate double glazing unit are chosen.

Plastic windows are the most popular ones Modern plastic windows are more reliable and durable then wooden. They do not need special treatment, they do not crack, and they shouldn’t be sealed up and painted. They are better to look through. There is less noise heard through them. They are much cheaper then wooden windows with the same quality. Room with plastic windows looks more attractive and accurate. Plastic windows let realize practically any fantasy. They can have different form, size and color. They can be produced rectangle, triangle, round, vaulted and oval. Different window division is permitted. You can choose yourself fold quantity and their ways of openings.