Roto NT

Roto NT accessories are a new development by Roto Frank AG experts. 

Modular system and new connection points’ construction of Roto NT allow realizing any type of assembly: from manual to complete automation. 

Also, worthy of recognition are anti-burglary capabilities (even with basic package) and maximum comfort and usability of PVC windows thank to exclusive designs of Roto constructors. 

Excellent corrosion resistance capabilities of Roto NT accessories are reached through zincing, chromizing and applying an additional RotoSil protective layer. Roto NT accessories are distinguished for their exquisite design; they meet high environmental safety requirements with the new silvery RotoSil protective ply whose corrosion resistance surpasses RAL RG 607/3 requirements. Roto NT plastic windows with RotoSil protective layer would fit in any interior design. 

Basic complete set and additional features:

  • scissors with two opening positions: 80 mm and 140 mm;
  • additional middle lock;
  • two types of slot ventilation;
  • adjustable throw-over blocker;
  • anti-burglary component in the corner switch in the lower part of the leaf.

Advantages of ROTO accessories 

  • Wide color range of overlays allows choosing handles and hinges to match the window’s color.
  • Lower hinge assembly is capable of holding a leaf weighing up to 130 kg. Upper hinge assembly maintains the leaf open.
  • Hinges don’t exceed leaf’s overall dimensions which improves the looks of the window.
  • Catch gear makes it easier to turn the handle (it takes lesser effort to press on it). 
  • Throw-over blocker prevents the leaf from falling out. 
  • Adjustable ROTO accessories allow adjusting the leaf in case of sagging, it also prevents drafts (there’s a leaf-frame tightening adjustment option).
  • Modern design of handles (oval shape).
  • Anti-burglary component prevents the window handle from accessing it from the outside.
  • Service life makes 15000 cycles (about 20 years). One cycle includes 4 phases: opening, closing, throwing-over, closing.

Roto NT window accessories’ features

Roto NT means differentiate approach to window assemblage.

Using a standard set of components, the manufacturer is able to build a standardized economy window. Further, without changing the accessories, but by adding extra components, for example, various types of slot ventilation, anti-burglary-resistant and thermostatic electronic components, along with alarm sensors, — to get a comfortable and hi-end window, that meets modern house high standards. 

All ROTO NT response plates have with similar pinning axes, which allows equipping the leaf with anti-burglary pins, and consequently install anti-burglary response plates on the window frame. All types of locking pins fit with any type of response plates.

By choosing windows equipped with Roto accessories, you choose high functionality. ROTO Frank AG provides warranty for all their production, which ensures perfect quality and reliability of windows for at least 10 years.